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hooker with a heart of gold
3 October 1978
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Im known as Jake Shears, one of the vocalists from a pop group called Scissor Sisters, but my real name is Jason Sellards. I was born in Arizona, but i grew up in Seattle and in the San Juan Islands until i went to college in LA and New York to study writing. I payed the rent by writing for HX and Paper Magazine, as well as stripping and pole dancing until I met Baby Daddy in Kentucky and formed Scissor Sisters. We released our self-titled album in 2004, and immediatley started touring and meeting cool new people like my best friend Kylie Minogue ,Andy Bell and Elton John. In 2006 we released Tah-Dah and we are working on a tour and on a third album. I do alot of producing and mixing for artists like Kylie and Andy in between. Im a new father to my adopted son Robbie and .We live in LA, New York and London

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Robbie Amaris Sellards-Chichester

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