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Robbie is Home!
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We're getting Robbie. The odds are in our favor, the social worker loves us, the orphanage caretaker loves us, He loves us, its all too glorious. We will have him under a foster care agreement for three to six months, which means that it could be as soon as Christmas Day when he becomes legally ours. Robbie was so excited to come home with us a whole week early. Although hes five years old, hes a little small for his age. His full name is Robert Amaris (Child of the Moon) Kondapalli, but we intent to make him a Chichester as soon as he becomes legally adopted. Doesnt Robbie Amaris Chichester have a nice ring to it? He does sound like an english boy who had a pair of former hippie parents. We think Lily will love him, he does have a british accent same as her. Heres a picture of our little guy.


Thats him at the park this morning. So cute in his litle coat. It was raining lightly, bareley but by noon it started coming down pretty hard, so we booked it and caught a cab home.At two o' clock we drove down to a little private elementary school and got the little guy enrolled. Then we went shopping for a whole new set of clothes downtown. Good times.

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Time fore an update!

   As you might know, I have been on the road for a couple of weeks with my very anxious band. We finished our album and decided to give our fans in select cities a taste of our junior album which has yet to be named thus far. By the time the first week of touring was over we were pretty much in agreement that this mini tour was a good idea buisness-wise but it really didnt fit into our personal lives, so we decided to cut the cities off and head home.
   I've just arrived at Heathrow tonight with my very sleepy husband. We loaded the Louis Vuiton trunks (only two, Im not Paris Hilton) into the cab and set for home. Boy oh boy is it good to be home, as soon as we got in Happy wet for the bed. My husband jetlag's easily, I'm a bit more like my good friend Anderson where im so used to travel that a plane ride from Las Vegas to London with a lay over in New York hardly has any affect on me. I actually started to unpack things, I watered our nearly wilted plants, I called David Furnish a very close friend of mine and had an in depth discussion about an article i read in the new york times. Around one thirty Happy got up and was in a grumpy mood until i made him a peanutbutter and nutella sanwich which was very mood lifting.
   One thing that I'm strangley excited to do is get beack into my show which ive been on a hiatus off of. I have a very peculiar relationship with the producers of the show that allows me to have a bit of flexibility. I told them ill be ready to get back in there by the monday morning, that means that my understudy gets a much needed break. I only have seven weeks left whichisnt too bad, then i get to go home to New York.
   If your going to be in show buisness, alot of times youll find that your relationships become strained whether it be friends family or even a marriage. I have seen many friends end re¬atiønsips that might have been long lasting had they not been in this industry. I feel very lucky to have a spouse that is as understanding and supportive as Happy is.  He's my rock in every sense. he keps me grounded and focused and an arll around better person, not just a singer or an actor. I never want to take him for granted, which is why ive decided that after the upcoming tour next year im going to have my career take the backseat  and just enjoy raising our family with him and letting him record and tour and follow him along.
   Im totally thankful for everything i have, a great husband, a great career, nice homes, a family on the way soon, amazing friends and family. I understand that these gifts are not to be taken lightly, and thats why i want to protect and cherish them to the best of my ability Right now, thanks to a great and very gererous friend, Keanu Cooper-Reeves, Happy and I are using new genetic technology to produce children that our ours completley biologically. Ana, my bandmate and friend has generously offered to carry them for us. Shes supposed to start as soon as the lab we're working with in London is ready. we only want to do it when the timing is perfect since its a VERY expensive procedure, one we could never afford with out Ke. Speaking of Ke, He and Andy just had a little girl that they have names Maddie aa bellymonster. When we were in New York i had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time and i must say, WOW!, shes all kinds oƒ gorgeous. Congrats Ke and Andy, im glad to be an uncle!

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by  Josh Rocker

Aside from his filthy gorgeousness, Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears strikes fans as unusually sincere in an industry where many musicians are still closeted.

His personal songs about sex, relationships and good ol' clubbing from his five piece band's disco-fried cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb," and self-penned singles "Take Your Mama Out" and "Filthy Gorgeous" off their 2004 self-titled debut and the popular single "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" from their 2006 worldwide smash sophomore effort "Ta-Dah," are matched only by his immense openness onstage. Commanding our attention with his provocative -- and often scantily clad -- posturing, Shears has become a sex symbol to legions of fans not only for his sculpted body and pretty boy face, but also for his refreshing frankness, self-assuredness and even sanguinity about his physicality and sexuality.

In a recent interview with's Josh Rocker on the eve of the release of the band's new DVD, "A Year of Ta-Dah," out Dec. 4, and featuring a 90-minute concert shot at London's new O2 arena and a 60-minute documentary following the New York-based pop band on tour, promotional appearances and video shoots, Shears was equally candid about sex, stripping and why success is still so scarce on this side of the Atlantic.

It's the first time fans have seen us on our own terms, in our natural environment. And it's a really great picture of what it's like on the road. I think there are some preconceptions about us that will be demystified. I can only speak for myself, that people might have preconceived notions of what I'm like personally. It could be different than what people actually might think. Some people think I'm on 100 percent of the time, but that's only 50 percent true.

What was that year on the road like for the band?

2006 was a hard year. We went out and really felt like touring too early in 2006. And it made it harder when the album was released, because we were already on the road for five months. It was difficult because we had just started our first set of arena shows, and getting those together was a brand new experience. It was really challenging, and finishing our second album was hard. The anticipation was really stressful, and it was really scary putting "Ta Dah" out, because our first album was a really hard thing to follow up. But when "Ta Dah" came out and found more worldwide success than the first album, we were happy, because a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

Why are the Scissor Sisters so much more successful abroad?

The biggest challenge was that if we did become a greater band in this country, we'd end up in a landscape where we'd really be outsiders. It would really be difficult. I watched this year's MTV Music Awards and don't know where we'd fit into that picture, and we're alright with that. I don't think on the major mainstream landscape in America there's left to say where there's a place for us.

Is that because you're a primarily gay band?

I don't think so. I don't think that's necessarily so. I think it's the general aesthetic more than a sexuality issue. I have no doubts that Americans can handle it. We can definitely deal with lesbians. They're all over daytime television.

Sexuality is a major component of your music and stage shows. In fact, you spend a lot of time onstage with your clothes off. Why are you always stripping?

If it doesn't involve a specific outfit, it's usually being swept away in the moment. We played a festival for 60,000 people once, and it was raining and people were out in the mud. So I just took off all my clothes and sang "Filthy Gorgeous" in a puddle of mud. I felt like what I was doing was wanting to be closer to the audience. It's usually just the whim, why Morrissey still takes his shirt off when he sings.

Knowing you're a major sex symbol, are you giving the boys a show?

But I think more people are attracted to Del and Babydaddy. There's a mystery about them that makes them more sexy than I am. I am too accessible. My sex is so in your face. But they don't do that.

In a world where gay men are meant to feel ashamed of their orientations and even their bodies, are you making a statement about sexual freedom?

We're very pro sex, and put sex in a really positive light, and that's a conscious thing we do to go against the grain. Especially with female singers in major pop music, it gets very dark -- like they're being puppeted by men -- so they use sex in a negative way. But we use it with exoticism. We do our best to make it less of a deal, as it should be. No matter what sexuality, we want people to think of it in a good way.

In line with challenging people's views on gay sexuality, you've managed to maintain a three-and-a-half year relationship.

His name is Chris, he's a fantastic artist and we're close to the same age. We love each other a lot and get along amazingly. He's the love of my life. There's a lot of press that we're gonna get married, which is kinda silly, because we have no marriage plans. But it feels like we're married.

Being on the road so often must present its own set of challenges.

It's hard on the road -- it's tough, we miss each other a lot -- but it keeps it fresh, to get to see someone that I miss so much. I hate being away and love the return.

And let's not forget all the temptations that artists face when touring.

I don't know how people get the weird notion that there are groupies everywhere. It really doesn't happen. I'm never hit on.

Talk to me about the new album.

We're interested in making something we think is fantastic. We want an insanely fun record, to reach further sonically than we ever have before. We want to be different, but still keep that same thing that makes us a great band, which is great pop songs. And something different, not just a pop band, but a pop band with multiple angles and different angles from the norm. Sonically, the music has to expand. If it doesn't expand, then there's no reason to make another album.

Being an openly gay artist, your continued success remains unique in the music industry. Would you say the Scissor Sisters tore the hinges off the door for gay acts?

I hope so, but there are certain people, the musicians that you know are gay, that I know are gay, that aren't out about it. It gets under my skin, because we work hard to get doors open. But people keep shutting them.

What does "A Year of Ta-Dah" tell fans about the Scissor Sisters that they don't already know?

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I hope to god i haven't hit six weeks! Ive been dangling between letting my self hit six or finding some hope to help me hang on.. I don't know how understandable those statements are, but i hope they shed some light on my inactivity. Ive been eyeballs deep in work, with the recording of our junior album, the completion of the score for the musical i am involved in,  and my nightly shows on Broadway.  On top of all of that were moving tomarrow. Ive been offered the chance to open the West End The Rocky Horror Show  which means that i get to cut 2 months off of my contract bit we have to move, which isnt so so bad since I just finished the score for Tales of The City and out 3rd album, plus we own a Notting Hill flat., thats where i keep my warhols. Im kind of glad to get the fuck out of town and throw myself into my role. I was originally supposed to do 4 shows a week but after the miscarriages i begged them to let me do 8. I dont know how to feel. im still quite unaffected but itll catch up anytime soon. My mother is beside her self. shes been crying all day. her and ana and Kylie flew in this morning. George came over this morning and gave me a full vial of k. i think that might come in handy when the pain kicks in. Happy has been chain smoking and tending to the guests while im off at work.. hes an amazing husband. he tries very hard to be there forme, even though it hasent hit me. Im sure he cant wait to be gone too, at least until november.

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 hey folks, not dead, just taking a few days off to see my mum

Gale, Im A Sweet Transvestite

Vid Post (billy this is better than a pic post)
Hello everyone out there, this is your friendly downtown popstar.we're back home in New York but ive been busy since. We got the oppurtunity to escort  Liza to the Tony's last night. she looked amazing, just fabulous in every way. The award show was simply fantastic. Patti Lupone gave a great speach, the Rent tribute was touching. the Xanadu cast was fantastic (Ive dragged Harold to the Helen Hayes Theatre to see it with me 8 times), Liza gave out the award for the Best Actor In A Play. and she was adored by the crowd.

Before we left for our Honeymoon in Ireland (which is to be continued soon) me and the gang were invited by our friends The Ones to be in their phenomenal video When We Get Together directed by Karl Giant. which is about our tight family. Along with  us were Debbie harry, Casey Spooner, Ari Gold, DJ Miss Guy, Johny "The Gay Pimp" McGovern , Colton Ford, and more

In other news. our friends at LOGO, the first gay network,  has decided to show footage from our DVD "Hurrah: A Year of Tah Dah" which was released  this past December. The hour long special will be airing untill the 22nd and covers our full concert at the O2 in London.

Lastly, the babies are doing marvelously size of kumquats and so cute. album is coming along very well. musical is going great too, well be shopping for producers soon.

Yes, Im a lazy ass, but forgive me im on my honeymoon!
dreamy blue eyes
   Ever since the age of Sixteen, I would take the ferry from the island i lived on and my best friend Marry would pick me up and take me to the Gay Bar. it was called  Rex's and it had a seventies apeal with wood paneling and cheap linoleum floors that were sticky with spilt beer and hard to dance on. Mary would sit in the car, (she was always way to self conscious to go) and i would go inside dressed in my best club wear and flirt with these much older men. Theyd buy me drinks and I'd sit on their laps.or dedicate a song to them on kareoke night (i'd always sing Bonnie Raitt songs). Thats how i met my first love, his name was Donovan he was a twenty seven year old accountant. He was the epitome of tall dark and handsome ( six foot one itallian boy with sixteen inch biceps) and i was the epitome of dorkiness (serious braces and gawky as HELL}. He was good to me but we lasted just long enough for him to take my virginity. Ive looked him up since and hes been married twice and has three kids. Rex's has been long destroyed and a Starbucks has taken its place but ill always remember it as the place that kick started me into the dating world.
   Since Donovan there have had no shortage of men that have walked in and out of my life. ive lived in different city's and loved different men. Ive been on many first dates, too many bad dates, on blind dates, in open relationships and closed ones, ive been cheated on, ive cheated, ive been engaged three times, had my heart broken, played hard-to-get, and Ive been a tease, a slut, a bottom, a top, ive played games and been played. I have been dating frequently for fourteen  years almost and none of it made me really happy
   That is until Happy came along. Happy taught me how to smile when my heart had been stepped on and kicked aside, he taught me to love again when it was numb and calloused. He was that breathe of fresh air that i really needed. Our bond became unbreakable and our love stronger than steel. He had what i lacked and i gave him what he needed. we accept eachother for who we are, for our pasts and our shortcomings (though he swears i have none). Our relationship has always felt natural, and although we moved at a faster pace than most, we believe its the best way for us. Thats why after dating for three months we decided to spend  our lives together and get married on Saturday June 7th in Central Park . Keanu Reeves, the man responsible for bringing us together, presided over the event where a small group of close friends and family gathered to support us as we took the leap from boyfriends to husbands.The ceremony was short and full of humour. Raquel Reed  sprinkled white rose petals down the aisle in a gorgeous Givenchy dress and Jeremy Lublin escorted my turtle Cheeseburger the ring bearer who poops and eats Prada. (i made sure to keep my distance since i was wearing JUST that.. a Prada pinstripe tuxedo with a teal neck tie that honoured the colour of the evening). We said our vows and looked into eachothers eyes. And in those brown eyes i found my answers. i saw my future (okay im literally weeping as i write this) and i knew id always be happy with him by my side. 
   After the ceremony we met a larger group that had already assembled at Nrew York's legendary Mueseum of Modern Art AKA MoMA (which is fitting since Happy popped the question at The Getty in Los Angeles). We had dinner and dancing inside and we had the gorgeous scurlture garden lit with torches that hung over us. Elton John played for a good long while. Many many people came over to us and wished us well, My Mother Frida included with tears in her eyes, she adores Happy to death, and he loves her too. The Night ended with our dear friend Liza Minnelli singing "Our Love Is Here To Stay" with Elton on the Piano. 
   We took our Limo  already filled with our luggage and headed to JFK to board the plane for Ireland. (Yes Billy i did make time to go see ireland and not just the inside of my gorgeous hotel suite) Ireland is beautiful, just gorgeous in every way and lush and green. I dont usually use the word Romantic because i think its a cheesy word, but it was. very romantic. One night i went out for a smoke alone because i smoke cigarettes and Harold doesnt. so i come back from a walk . there are crickets chirping (were staying in this hotel that has little log cabin villas in heavily wooded parts 30 min outside of Dublin). and he has like a hundred little tea lights burning, the fireplace is going and it smells like lilac. of course he has one of my favourite songs playing "Lilac Wine" by Jeff Buckley and there are white petals on the bed. No guy has ever done this for me before and I get emotional easily so i started to tear up. He held me and we kissed and kissed and made love.. Hes such a sweet guy, im totally lucky.
   Today is our last day, then were going home a little early since theres some things at home that we feel we need to be there for. but hopefully as soon as things settle i can take him to my little surprise destination. (those of you who know dont tell him} Itll be good times. So thanks for all who attended our weddingm thank you ke for marrying us, and thanks for all the super cool gifts that we cant wait to open.

p.s. the naked jake icon is back.

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Ireland is quite amazing. I promise a nice big post tonight

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You Are Invited To The Wedding of
Jason Sellards and Harold Talmage Chichester

Central Park at 10pm E

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