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Elton and Me 1
OMG what a fantastic wedding, we were so honored to attend and sing too. The Chapel was beautifully decorated in mahogany, burnt umber and gold. candles flickered in the breeze and a church organ played Night and Day by Cole Porter as a few hundred guest filed inside Happy Ana and I sat near the front, Robbie sat on his Daddy Happy's lap. The Grooms were dressed in matching Viktor and Rolf suits, they walked up opposite  aisles  with their mothers and met in the center aisle midway and linked arms and walked the other half together. The vows were sonnets of shakespeare and a bit of thir own. It was  quite an amazing sight to see them kis and walk down as husbands as we sang our gay little song. The reception was quite a sight to see. Opulant tables were set up with massive candelabras and amber dyed roses and creme mums and white and orange pumpkins. The ornate china was set up delictley among the glimmery silverware and crystal stemware.  Magnigicent chandeleirs hung, regal suits of armour lined the foyer and in the midde a glorious gargantuan ice sculpture of two grecian men in eachothers arms. No expense was too big for this event. Celebrities flocked in dressed in their couture garments and draped in jewels. We dined on Beef Tartare Oxtail Ravioli, Prime Aged Skillet Steaks with Green Peppercorn Sauce, Truffle and Lobster Bisque and lots of other stuff. The cake was spongey and moist. it was chocolate and a mix of butter cream and marzipan. Each guest left with a schwag bag with items from places like Swarovsky, Omega Timepieces, Versace china, Keihls skincare, and more. At the end, the grooms took off in a 1954 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, the kind Cary Grant drove! Good Times

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Jake, I hate to ask, but who the hell's wedding was this anyway? You've been talking about some random wedding and I have no idea what or who or why. But I'm glad it was a good time. Just for the love of god, qualify your sentences with a subject?

Trent, they're a couple of producers/ song writers who work freelance, as i do. I met them a few years ago because they work a lot with my friend Kylie Minogue. They're cool guys. It try to be more specific in the future.

VERY MUCH SO! we had a blast

I was going to ask the same thing as trent. glad you had fun.

thanks mate, I had a blast! Hope you are doing ok too, dont for get to eat sleep and get laid!

Ugh. This is me being extremely jealous!

Totally unrelated, but I have to tell you. I finally broke down and got those Oscar de la Renta red alligator platform sandals. I've gone blind over how much I paid for them, but can you really say no the THESE?

Honey I was jealous of MYSELF! at the end of the night Ana dragged her pregnant ass to bed with my son and Happy and I partied till three in the morning, then we got tto our room and continued the festivities all night! I have lost my voice from how load i was screaming his name! vThats ot even the best part, the best is the silver snake skin Versace chelsea boots his came in onyx..

Those sandals are worth every cent! wow

DIES. You're like the Brad to my Rachel Zoe, you know that? I swear, I can die happy just discussing the subtle differences that come with each preparation of Hächi Parmentier De Canard, excitement over color choices of boots stitched out of pure sex, and the efficacy of various gonorrhea treatments all in the same conversation. This is why I love you.

Back me up on that statement of my new shoes, in case Tony tries to make me take them back!

I LOVE the Rachel Zoe project too much, watch it religiously. BTW I'm dressing up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween, with his consent.Want to be Coco Chanel? Happy is going as Versace and Robbie as Spiderman...oh and Ana is goingas Vivienne Westwood.

I want you TO return them so i can buy them right after !

I would LOVE to be Coco!! I want an excuse to get the sun glasses. Rachel Zoe is my patron saint of fashion now. I love her so much it's obscene.

NO! I'm seriously in love with these shoes. If I had a child, I would be hard pressed to choose who I love more.

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