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Rehearsal Lunch
Looook Into my eeeeyes
   Oh No, that annoying guy in the sparkly pants is posting again.

Yes it is deal. We finally drove up to Guildford today, which isn't THAT far off, i live in Notting Hill which is northeast of Guildford. I just got my husband a new Lexus LS hybrid for his birthday, which comes in handy because my Lotus is a 2 seater. Soon the Lexus will hold 2 carseats on each end for the twins and Robbie in the middle, but today Harold drove, I was co-pilot, and Ana snoozed in the back with Robbie's head on her lap. We got here around noon and settled into our  hotel room then met at one of the groom's parents estate for lunch. The whole wedding party, close friends and relatives dined  on Duckling Consume, Roasted Beets, and Diver Scallops appetizers Tiger Prawn Scampi in Parsnip Puree, Fillet of Bison with Foie Gras in Perigord Truffle sauce, Cabernet Braised Short Ribs with Crispy Shallots and Wild Huckleberry Sauce for the main course and Grand Marnier Souffle,  Chocolate Espresso Torte, and Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee for dessert. Wine flowed freely , apple juice for Ana and Robbie. Ive never been so full, I had the Bison, well me and Robbie, he sat on my lap and nibbled on the bison i cut up for him and the veggies. Afer that we all filed into our cars and drove to the chapel for the rehearsal. I think a rehearsal lunch is a whole lot more fun and easy, It reminded me so much of ours. Good times. Anyway tommarrow night is the wedding and I'm so excited and thrilled to be able to sing for them, then the reception will be at a local French restaurant, the food just doesnt end. Tomarrow David and Elton get here and Kylie too so its going to be alot of fun.

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I think I missed something...whose wedding? Didn't you two already do that?

My friend Jeff and his fiancee Allister. They're studio execs here in London for Virgin.

Oooooooh, gotcha. And you're in the wedding party?

Not really. Remember in my last entry i said that Ana and i are singing in it?

I'm retarded. I somehow missed that part of it...or I forgot, or something...

its an easy mistake, your not an idiot

I swear to god, all of that food is straight off of Tony's menu here in New York. It's freaky. Granted, it's pretty obvious French faire, but still. Sigh. Give my love to Elton, because he obviously knows who I am and cares about my cheap and slutty gay wife love.

Then go ahead and smear some of that slutty love all over yourself for me, too. Love you, sprinkles.

The food was sooo good Janel, SOO GOOOD!!!

I will give him your love, no doubt. i didnt know you and elton were cool like that.

God... when my eyes were opened to duck confit and foie gras, I felt like a newborn baby. (Read: Screaming and covered in blood)

Psh, me and Elton are like *THIS* heh.

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