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Fashion Clashin' and bit of other stuff
Seranade You
A little while ago, a good friend of mine, Micah Consylman,  IMed me with a complaint, he had found a picture where he claims to look “too gay”, I didn’t know what the problem was, I thought, aren’t you gay? His rebuttal was that this was not his chosen aesthetic; he preferred a more masculine look. As he told me this, my thoughts went to Happy. I realized how much our fashion senses clash I’m Gaultier and he’s Ralph Lauren, there is nothing wrong with either at all its just so interesting to me.
   No other example could be better than the night he proposed to me.  When we lived in LA our walk-in closets were so tiny that we’d just change together in the bedroom which was always nice because I got to get a peak of him undressed and likewise for him, this always made us late due to unscheduled hanky-panky (that comes with its own complications, you cant get come off of a tuxedo jacket with great ease). Not this night, he made it clear that we had reservations at Dolce that COULD NOT be broken and with that he sent me to the bathroom to dress. When I finally got my suit on and walked into the bedroom I wondered how people would tell were a couple. He stood there looking quite debonair in his vintage suit (I forget the designer, maybe Valentino); it was gray and modest in a leading mankind of way. I stood before him in a black Prada suit with sharp angular lapels. The shirt was mint and the tie was a diagonal stripe of chartreuse and fuchsia with thin silver lines as borders along the fatter ones. He looked like Cary Grant and I looked like one of the boys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
   Now here we are, six marvelous months later, and were still going at it. Although I do some of my husbands shopping I like to keep it his style with a little influence from me. He’s really come around a lot; he lets me spoil him rotten with fashion. Don’t get me wrong, its not like he hates fashion, he’s into it especially now that we have the luck to live in London during the fall. We go to Burberry, Ben Sherman, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen. Yesterday we went to Paul Smith right on Floral Street to get suits for my friends wedding on Saturday in Surrey where Ana Matronic and yours truly will be singing “Might Tell You Tonight” as the grooms kiss and march down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. Check out What We picked out!

Did you guess who's is who's? That's mine on the Left and Happy's on the Right. Still clashing to this day.

   In other news, the album is officially finished, whew. Now we get to do fun stuff like album art, the little book inside, fun website changes, photo shoots, videos and tour planning. All of those require a lot of clothing, lucky for me i get to shop on the label's dime and keep it all (don't tell my husband this hes already pissed at my taking over the house with my clothes) Ive been gathering inspiration and collecting magazine clippings, sketching stuff, collecting swatches of fabric, buying stuff (mostly accessories and shoes) It can be a bit of a headache but i love fashion so its cool.. Album hits in January, and that musical i did the music for  is coming out next year too.
   Plus after the album hits my contract is up for revision and maybe renewal. I'm gonna get  A LOT of flack for this but Happy and I have bee talking about me only doing a fourth record then moving on to do either a solo career or just working as a journalist again and producing only. Or maybe nothing, I've got twins on the way and next year will be full of touring and babies. We've considered moving to Ohio to raise our family there, who knows what lies ahead for us.

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Im not denying that im not. I just like being the manly one :)

and Andy is the femmy one?

God, you are such a fashion SLUT.

*grins* guess what, ive started my christmas shopping, and i think your going to love what i got you

*hopes it's sparkly pasties*

Cary Grant was one smooth individual.
But those Queer Eye guys, they do have it goin' on. ;)

i agree they do, i used to date the hairdresser of the group, Im friends with the whole lot to this day

So you have an "in" with the fashionistos! So that's how you do it. ;)

*evil laugh* you've unraveled my scheme. But that's only a part of it, I spent years building up my relationships with the fashion houses attending each show, modeling, attending all kinds of fabulous soirees. It was a lot of work, but i went from a leather clad stripper to the new face of Chanel's first men's fragrance.

We have been working it, haven't we?! That's quite a little resume there. ;)

Takes an awful strong man to pull off a tie like that, buddy

awful gay man, Ry. but i seem to have a thing for flamboyant dressing

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