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Naked Jake
...i love Janel...nuff said

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Nothin' but loooovvvveee 4 ya honeh....

nothin but luvs 4 u lovah

OMG Are people serious!? HAHA! This is beyond delicious.

Nuff said? Nuff shown! LOL!

hahahahaha. did you see how your girlfriend followed my lead?

I bet Happy isn't too thrilled about that.

Im Janel's gay husband...he has acceprd it.

The succubus got you too?

You know, I politely disengaged myself without so much as a word. I thought I could expect the same courtesy from you. I guess you're not as decent as I thought. Funny that.

It's called a joke and two friends joking around. Lighten up and get a clue. And you have no room to talk about others. We may not be friends and never will be but believe me I've heard everything I would ever need to hear and not just from Janel, succubus she may be, she's my succubus. And how would I know she isn't messing around on me? We're together 24/7. You'd just do best to go back to your little fantasy world and keep your mouth shut.

I never said she was messing around. Trust me, I know this man won't sleep with a woman for anything. (My lack of gaydar led me to spend the first several months of my knowing him trying to.)

In calling her a succubus, you implied. I just made the preemptive strike in telling you she is in fact faithful. (You of all people couldn't tell?)

I'm seconding Liza, aren't you a married man, duder?

Douche baggery ahoy!

See?? You know what I'm talking about.

But of course I do, they don't give me enough credit. I AM the smart one.

:D That you are! We should form a club.

i thought you were the pretty one all this time!

*shifty eyes* errr....sure i do...*evil smile*

shes my fruit fly, Im her gay hubby. this is a natural relationship between a gay man and a straight woman.

Careful how you throw around that L word, don't think hubby boy would be too happy to hear you use it so freely with women, brah.

And the term you're looking for duder, is fag hag.

Whoa! Nice icon Jakey

*grins* thanks luv, youve got quite a collection of nice ones yourself

happy birthday to you and happy day late birthday to harold... let him know for me, would ya?

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