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  I haven't felt so relaxed in months...probably since my honeymoon trip to Ireland in June. This week Happy and I turn 46 and 30 years old on October 2nd and 3rd. We originally wanted to stay a week in Paris, but that trip had to wait until later because we did not expect to fall in love with Robbie like we did, and part of the contract we signed in order to become his foster parents was that we wouldn't take him out of the country. Instead we decide to take it in another direction, an outdoorsy week in Scotland. We packed our stuff up and headed to the Isle of Rona, which is a lovely sparsley populated island on Scotland's west coast.
   We've rented a cottage close to the coast. We have been kayaking, hiking on many amazing trails. This place is so full of natural beauty, especially now when the leaves are turning colors and the weather is more crisp. Robbie is in love with this place, this is his first real trip, hes so cute in his wide-eyed wonder. He chases after every little lizard bird and squirrel. He is super pumped about tommarorw, were going horseback riding. By the time we get back to the cottage around six or so, I send the boys to wash up while i make dinner. I know alot of people may be against the idea of cooking on your vacation, but i find cooking for my family to be one of the most rewarding parts of my life. Last night I served pheasant with roasted veggies, butternut squash soup and fresh warm bread (i got that at the local bakery, i dont do bread). Then we finished with my mother's famous apple strudel (i do make that, and from scratch) and apple cider, with a little whiskey for the grown-ups. We finished the dishes and general clean up around nine and we put Robibie to bed and Happy reads him a little story while i take a shower then we head outside to the porch on the swing and its pretty amazing. Im sure all of our friends have had enough of me bragging about our sexcapades, so let me just say this. Going two weeks without sex may not be such a bad idea because its that much more wow when you actually get a chance to. Mind Blowing! Theres nothing like rediscovering your husbands tight little body after a dozen or so days apart. I am blissed out.
   When Friday  afternoon comes i will not bevery content with the idea of leaving the Isle of Rona. I'll probably be seated by the window of the jet with Robbie sitting on my lap waving good bye. All good times must come to an end, which is okay because the next day our good friend Richard Branson is throwing us a joined birthday party at Sketch. Goodtimes, so if any of you are in the area your welcome to come. Itt be my first all grown up birthday party, but not just mine Happy too. Oh btw its kid friendly. Come, get fed have a few drinks and meet some cool folks.

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The fact that we have the same birthday makes us even MORE AWESOME.

OMG you are my twin sister!

Which means we're triplets because I already have a twin sister! We will take over the world.

LULZ! I EFFING LOVE YOU. Clearly the stars pre-determined our world domination. Silly of me NOT to check your date of birth when I offered myself up as the clear choice to be Janet (with condoms in my hair... because really, where else would I use them!?). Our destiny is unmistakable. The world is ours for the taking. We shall raid, indeed. First, the fashion capitals. And since it has become apparent to me now that I would come upon (and take that as you will) a master chef from New York... We will take over Fashion and Food. These are two of the three things that humanity needs to survive. Shelter (clothing). Food (duh). Oxygen (which we will dominate because everyone who chooses not to follow in our ways will perish, thus giving us an endless supply of oxygen.

Not only will we stop global warning, we'll thin out the human population. You and Happy will create the very single stencil that is human culture. Tony will feed us. My OUR twin sister and I will be the last of the females that can reproduce. We shall recreate the entire human race in our image Jake. It's amazing that they don't see you, me and OUR sister Carey as the holy trinity.


(You're one of the few true favorites. That will be important to know when I make a post on our birthday, my love. Just know. You're SO on my AWESOME list. BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME.)

you, my dear are in FUCKING sane, but i love you to god damned pieces!

but i could get used to that kinda existance! The children will be so gorgeous that your eyes will bleed at the sight of them!

I've seen Village of the Damned. I AM ALL about the children who make peoples' eyes bleed. Through you alone, this can happen.

Sounds like a wonderful time. Scotland is beautiful this time of year.
Hope you two have wonderful birthdays!

thank you so much love, we will.

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